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This article provides instructions and details on setting up Mercury EMV through BackOffice.

Account Setup

Procedure on how to setup account with Mercury

Mercury Payments Information

  • Mercury Payments is available for Windows only
  • Netepay client must be installed on Windows terminals where the pinpad is connected to
  • Pinpads supported: Verifone vx810
  • Certified for Canadian EMV: October 2011

Installation of Mercury Components

Production Datacap SQL Instance, NetePay 5.0, and DSIEMVClientX Links/Instructions

Download the Datacap SQL instance and NetePay 5.0 for production here:

You will want the MercuryPayments(EMV) NetePay. There is a link for the User Guide(Install Guide) next to the download link.

Mercury’s Tech Support will provide you or your reseller with the merchant’s necessary set-up sheet as well as the Merchants specific NetePay Activation Key.

Page Contents

Download the DSIEMVClientX for production here:

Download the DSIClientX for production if your merchant using EMV is also supporting MercuryGift:  -- Should not need

You should install in this order: Datacap SQL Instance, DSIEMVClientX, DSIClientX(only if supporting gift),NetePay 5.0. You will be prompted to restart after you install each piece, this is not required. You can restart after you install all pieces to save time.

Files or Information Received from Mercury

An email will be received from Mercury.

Volanté Setup

Version 1291 - Follow instructions below. (Sale or Sale With Tip are the supported methods, Not Preauth/PostAuth)

Version 1406 - Contains some patches that can help in the process of setting up Mercury on your system.

General Setup - System Config

Hardware Setup - Terminal Setup - Credit Card

Integrated Card Info 1: IP Address of where netepay is running (Should be the SERVER IP Address)
Integrated Card Info 2: Default Port (9000)
Integrated Card Info 3: Merchant ID (From Processor) In Email "TID#(#######A)" - B, C and so on. d
Integrated Card Info 4: Terminal ID_(Default - For Global - use NA) 
Integrated Card Info 5: Pinpad port com port
Integrated Card Info 6: PROMPTTIP:YES/NO  (yes - pinpad will prompt user to enter a tip)

BackOffice - Screen Config

Add the action key "CC Admin Options" button to the screen

You will be able to perform the following

  1. Reset Pin Pad
  2. Batch Summary
  3. Batch Close
  4. EMV Key Change
  5. Reset SequenceNo
  6. EMV Param Download

Extra Notes

  1. EMV Software can only be installed on one of the terminals in the network (typically the Server computer)
  2. EMV Client should be put on each machine - this will control the communication to the server computer and to the Pin Pad - this is called DSI Client

After connecting each of the pinpads you will need to run the following in order to setup pinpad:

  • EMV Parm Download
  • EMV Key Change

Test Credit and Debit when you'e done. The first transaction is likely to fail.

Usage in Volanté

Works Like ECRi configuration.

  1. Start Transaction.
  2. Order Items
  3. Press Credit or Debit
  4. Enter amount if it is different then full press apply to confirm.
  5. The rest is following instructions on the pin pad - standard process for the industry.

CC Advanced Options Panel

  • Reset Pinpad
  • Batching Summary must be done first before Batch Close can be done.
  • EMV Key Change / EMV Param Download (these should only be used if requested by mercury or pinpad, usually only during setup)
  • Reset Sequence No (resets a unique number sent with each transaction required by Mercury)


Some of the older versions are missing these files.

You may have to modify your POS script to include the Jacob.jar in the pathing also.

Debit Cards are going through, however it fails on Credit Cards.
Potential Reason: Mercury does not support Pre Auth / Post Auth. - this means that all credit cards must go through as a straight sale.  Make sure that you have turned off all Preauth enabling functions. 

  • Hardware setup, Terminal Setup, User Mode Defaults, Turn off "Require Tip" for the appropriate screen 
Socket Error

The Client DSI is not running, or the EMV software is not running - make sure the software is running on the Server computer. nbsp;

Must Balance Now

This means that you have to settle the system to continue processing.

Development Notes

Mercury Transactions requires SequenceNo to be sent with each message.  The sequenceNo is returned in every message from Mercury, and Volante should take the returned SequenceNo and use it in the next message.

MercurySequenceNo is saved in Local_terminal_Param in the terminals


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